Hi there, welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Georgia Durrant but you can call me G.

I am a Graphic Designer from Swindon! I stuided Graphic Communications with Typography, majoring in Branding and Identity at Plymouth University.

I work in a range of creative outlets such as Photography, Illustration, Typography and Graphic Design. I feel my fluent nature helps me to create dynamic and playful work that shouts with colours and texture.

I am inspired so much by nature, I feel that all design principles and colour chemistry are already set out for us in the natural world. All we have to do is look and reflect. Therefore I love to be outside, especially within the country side or on the coast.

I was lucky to go to Plymouth University, ‘Britain’s Ocean City’ where I was spoilt for choice with local beaches. I did of course develop a hatred for seagulls, but that could often be forgotten after a student 2 for 1 cocktail hour!

Within my degree we worked within a repetitive module outline, each year creating projects that fell under four subjects of design-

– Designing with Type
– Information Design
– Branding and Identity
– Editorial Design

You will find a range of projects on this site that answer briefs set to explore each of these topics. Alongside these project you will also find work created while freelancing or working as a Junior Graphic Designer for MK9 Design studio in Milton Keynes.

Through out my development as a designer I found that I can work fluently between most areas of graphic design, and enjoy each one as much as the other. I have also been attracted to many forms of creative visual outlets and feel my strength lies in my versatility.

Currently am working as a Web and Graphic Design for Sanders Web Works which is located in Wotton Basset. I am available to assist on freelance project in my spare time, so please get in contact if you would like my help!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me…


G x