Hi there, welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Georgia Durrant but you can call me G.

I am a Graphic Designer from Swindon! I stuided Graphic Communications with Typography, majoring in Branding and Identity at Plymouth University.

I work in a range of creative outlets such as Photography, Illustration, Typography and Graphic Design. I feel my fluent nature helps me to create dynamic and playful work that shouts with colours and texture.

I am inspired so much by nature, I feel that all design principles and colour chemistry are already set out for us in the natural world. All we have to do is look and reflect. Therefore I love to be outside, especially within the country side or on the coast.

I was lucky to go to Plymouth University, ‘Britain’s Ocean City’ where I was spoilt for choice with local beaches. I did of course develop a hatred for seagulls, but that could often be forgotten after a student 2 for 1 cocktail hour!

Within my degree we worked within a repetitive module outline, each year creating projects that fell under four subjects of design-

– Designing with Type
– Information Design
– Branding and Identity
– Editorial Design

You will find a range of projects on this site that answer briefs set to explore each of these topics. Alongside these project you will also find work created while freelancing or working as a Junior Graphic Designer for MK9 Design studio in Milton Keynes.

Through out my development as a designer I found that I can work fluently between most areas of graphic design, and enjoy each one as much as the other. I have also been attracted to many forms of creative visual outlets and feel my strength lies in my versatility.

Currently I am looking for a new job opportunities and clients. If you find my work of interest please feel free to contact me!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me…


G x